An email alias is an email address which uses the same mailbox as the original email address. For example, you could have as the authentic e-mail address and add an alias The two addresses can share the very same mailbox, so messages sent to either one of them will be received in one place. Feel free to use aliases for several needs, like emailing different groups of people or enrolling on sites. Any time you begin to get a number of spam, for example, you can just erase the alias whilst your original mailbox won't be impacted by any means and you'll maintain the communication you need. Aliases are often considered to be a replacement for forwarding e-mails from one email address to another if you use two or more email address for contact on your website.
E-mail Aliases in Website Hosting
You can create lots of e-mail aliases with any of the website hosting plans we offer. Adding an alias to any active mailbox in your account takes a several mouse clicks and you can also generate or delete aliases whenever you want. This is done in the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, which is used to manage the hosting accounts. The option can save you precious time when you have to handle the electronic communication for several business units, each with its own email address. Once you send a reply to a client, they will receive the email from the alias, not from the primary email address associated with the mailbox. If you have a number of sites and email addresses, it is easy to combine using aliases with our e-mail forwarding feature as it may be more convenient and time-saving to have all messages in one place.
E-mail Aliases in Semi-dedicated Servers
For people with a semi-dedicated server with our company and you wish to create aliases for any active mailbox in the account, it will not take you more than several mouse clicks to do this. You'll be able to add or remove aliases for any given mailbox at any moment through the Emails section of the in-house built Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, which comes with all the semi-dedicated packages. The function allows you to handle your mail messages much easier if you have various e-mails in various parts of your website. In case you combine it with our email forwarding option and also the filters you could create, copies of all inbound e-mails sent to completely different email addresses/aliases may be kept in the main mailbox for common usage and in the email addresses of other people - business employees in charge of numerous tasks, for example.