If you’d like to have a quick and simple approach to add a picture book in your web site, then the open–source Gallery album coordinator is the recommended solution to your requirements. It gives you a streamlined and convenient–to–use user interface, and it is cost free!

Besides its user–friendliness, with Gallery you will also find a great amount of advanced actions. You’ll be able to to edit your snapshots and add distinctive effects to them, without having to install any additional web app. You’ll also be able to tag different people on your pictures or incorporate your specialized watermark to defend them from not authorized usage.

Gallery–Optimized Website Hosting Services

With the Gallery website hosting solution, you can have your gallery installed on the world wide web with a mouse–click. All you need to do is choose Gallery from the application drop–down menu on the signup form and we’re going to deploy your picture album software the moment we have your website hosting account. That will help you start working on your web gallery just after the sign–up process is completed.

Each Gallery website hosting package is secured by a collection of service guarantees for the hassle–free performance of your photo gallery. Your website hosting account will be created absolutely free and and features a 99.9% uptime guarantee. On top of that, if you’re not happy with opnux’s Gallery website hosting service, you could make use of our 30–day money–back guarantee.

A Point & Click Control Panel

At opnux we provide you a user–friendly way to manage your Gallery web sites. Packaged with every Gallery website hosting plan, you can find our own Control Panel. Made by opnux and for us, it gives remarkable speed as well as reliability in comparison to various other control panels. Last but not least, it allows you to be in charge of both your site and also your domain name from just a single place.

In the Control Panel you will find lots of invaluable software instruments and bonus applications which will help you with your present web site and with all your upcoming websites. Using our File Manager you can easily upload files by dragging and dropping them into your Internet browser. Our Domain Names Manager lets you control numerous domain names simultaneously. The Statistics Manager begins gathering visitor details for your site the minute it goes live.