Boost your site’s performance by using a US Located Semi-dedicated Server.

With opnux, you can make full use of our US Located Semi-dedicated Servers. They represent an exceptional combination of website hosting accounts and dedicated service. They give the capabilities of a dedicated server but don’t involve any kind of server administration tasks and substantial monthly fees. Plus, your semi–dedicated server will be located with our state–of–the–art data center in US in downtown Chicago, Illinois.

Using the semi-dedicated service accommodated in our data center in US, you will be able to easily make use of excellent connectivity and power options the data center is offering. We’ve also built our unique inhouse network by working with solely enterprise class hardware components from Juniper. Doing this, we can easily assure a 99.9% network uptime with each and every US Located Semi-dedicated Server.

Our US Located Semi-dedicated Servers come with our free of cost opnux Control Panel that has been intended to be operating fully in the cloud. Therefore, you get to make use of our Control Panel, but your semi–dedicated server doesn’t need to in fact invest any resources to maintain it. All the power is dedicated to your web site solely. Another key advantage of the opnux Control Panel is the fact that it’s full of 100’ free site setup tools that can significantly raise the entire effectiveness of your web presence. As an illustration, you are able to make use of our set of website accelerators , which activate browser side caching and which can help you speed up your website. You may also make use of our real time stats tool, which will start gathering stats automatically the second your website goes live. Additionally, no setup work is necessary on your side.

Other US Hosting Services

Our data center in US is also home to other web hosting services aside from our USA semi–dedicated servers. We offer cloud hosting packages deploying a one–of–a–kind cloud hosting platform. Every single US Located Website Hosting package is bundled with a academy domain name for just $35.49 and limitless disk space and traffic allocations. You could also select our US Located VPS Servers, which feature solid–state disks delivering hard to beat file access speeds. You can go for a US Located Dedicated Servers – a top–choice web hosting solution when you’ve got a live video streaming website or a high CPU dependent application.