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What is a vulnerability?

Dictonary.com has several meaning for the word vulnerable, but when it comes to the computer world a the meaning of a vulnerability is no different.  To define a vulnerability simply means a computer network or application is open to attack. There is an existing weakness whether it is in the computer its self of procedures… Read More »

What is a vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerability assessment  is a process that defines, identifies, and classifies the security gaps (vulnerabilities) in a computer software, network or infrastructure. An alternate term for vulnerability assessment is vulnerability analysis and this is an commonly used to determine counter measures for plugging these loopholes for product improvement or fight against external intrusion. Vulnerability assessments can be outlined using… Read More »

Tuesday Patch Releases

As part of the monthly security bulletin release cycle, Microsoft provides advance notification to their customers concerning the number of new security updates being released and the products affected. This is intended to help customers plan for the deployment of these security updates more effectively. Solutions to Microsoft problems are usually released every second Tuesday… Read More »

Remote code execution (RCE)

Remote code execution (RCE) is the power an attacker has to access another person’s computing machine and make modifications, irrespective of the place the system is geographically situated. Vulnerabilities can present an attacker with the flexibility to execute malicious code and take full management of an affected system with the privileges of the person operating the… Read More »

December 2016 – Microsoft Security Update

Microsoft Security Updates and Problems (December 2016) The release date for this bulletin is the 13th December 2016. The Microsoft updates or patches listed below will require a restart of services or server in order to be applied effectively. The severity ratings are Critical and Important  whereas the vulnerability impact includes remote code execution, elevation of privileges and information disclosure.… Read More »