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Makagiga : a to-do manager, Notepad, and RSS Reader in one

Makagiga is a cross-platform software to do various task, such as text editing, RSS reading, also to-do listing and the best thing about Makagiga is because its free !. Before installing it, you need to install Java. Makagiga also have portable version Makagiga currently supports Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. Makagiga have a feature that you can install a plugins, that plugins can help you… Read More »

QuiteRSS : Desktop RSS Reader for Linux

QuiteRSS is a free and Open Source RSS/Atmome reader available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. QuiteRSS Written in C++/Qt. The interface have plenty RSS Displayed on the right side panel, and on the left side panel there is a list of your feed, on below there is Category that groups your RSS Feed with labels, Clicking… Read More »