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What’s Microsoft?

Microsoft is the world’s leading producer of computer software. Microsoft was incorporated in 1981, but the company’s roots go back at least as far as 1975, when the first commercially available personal computer appeared on the cover of Popular Electronics. The Altair 8800, as it was called, was a rudimentary system, but it found a… Read More »

Features of Exchange Server Hosting

Security and reliability Exchange Online helps protect your information with advanced capabilities. Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering protect mailboxes. Data loss prevention capabilities prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. Globally redundant servers, premier disaster recovery capabilities, and a team of security experts monitoring Exchange Online around the clock safeguard your data. And… Read More »

What is a Microsoft Account?

Microsoft account or MSA(previously known as Microsoft Passport .NET Passport, Microsoft Passport Network, and Windows Live ID) is a single sign-on web service developed and provided by Microsoft that allows users to log in to websites (like Outlook.com), devices (e.g. Windows 10 computers and tablets, Windows Phones, or Xbox consoles), and applications (including Visual Studio)… Read More »

What is Virtualization

If you know little about virtualization don’t worry too much. Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual environment rather than an actual on. It occurs where an operating systems, servers and storage devices use one environment and dont know this is actually the case. The concept is quite simple. To explain it even further its… Read More »

What is server virtualization?

Server virtualization is the masking of server resources, including the number and identity of individual physical servers, processors, and operating systems, from server users. The server administrator uses a software application to divide one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments. The virtual environments are sometimes called virtual private servers, but they are also known… Read More »

What is a Virtual Machine

A virtual computer system is known as a “virtual machine” (VM):  a tightly isolated software container with an operating system and application inside.  Each self-contained VM is completely independent. Putting multiple VMs on a single computer enables several operating systems and applications to run on just one physical server, or “host”. A thin layer of… Read More »

Tuesday Patch Releases

As part of the monthly security bulletin release cycle, Microsoft provides advance notification to their customers concerning the number of new security updates being released and the products affected. This is intended to help customers plan for the deployment of these security updates more effectively. Solutions to Microsoft problems are usually released every second Tuesday… Read More »

Remote code execution (RCE)

Remote code execution (RCE) is the power an attacker has to access another person’s computing machine and make modifications, irrespective of the place the system is geographically situated. Vulnerabilities can present an attacker with the flexibility to execute malicious code and take full management of an affected system with the privileges of the person operating the… Read More »