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How to Check Internet Speed in Terminal

When you feels your internet become slower than before, you may need to check you internet speed. For that matter, Speedtest.net is well-known speed test websites for broadbrand users. Speedtest.net loads Javascript to your web browser to automatically select which server is closest to you and it will measure you internet speed by sending HTTP… Read More »

Vivaldi – ‘New Web Browser for our Friends’

Vivaldi is a new browser that has been launched as a tech preview (beta whout responsibility) for 64 bit Linux Machines, Windows and Mac OS. Vivaldi browser aim for a fast, rich in functionality, high flexible and put the user first. Vivaldi is build on the tried and tested open source frameworks of Chromium, Blink and Google’s open-source… Read More »

uGet : Download Manager for Linux

If you familiar with Internet Download Manager on Windows, then you will like uGet Download Manager. uGet is a lightweight, simple and easy to use download manager, written in GTK+. uGet is Open Source, free and very powerful multi-platform that released under GPL License. uGet offers large collection of features such as : Features Multiple/batch download.… Read More »

Vidalia (Tor GUI)

After installing Tor maybe you’re too lazy to open your terminal, you can use Vidalia. Vidalia is a GUI for controlling Tor, Vidalia is cross-platform and built using Qt. With Vidalia you can start, stop, and view status of Tor, to Install Vidalia, first open your terminal and type $ sudo apt-get install vidalia After… Read More »