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How to Install Google Chrome on Linux

Ubuntu comes with quite a lot of high quality software program pre-installed. Sadly, the default net browser, Mozilla Firefox, has been on the decline — it’s sluggish and clunky. On Linux, Google Chrome is now the top internet browser, and it’s one of the best ways to experience Adobe Flash content material too (when you… Read More »

How to find out size of a directory in linux

This article explains 2 simple commands that most people want to know when they start using Linux. They are finding the size of a directory and finding the amount of free disk space that exists on your machine. The command you would use to find the directory size is ‘ du ‘. And to find… Read More »

How to check your Unity version on your Ubuntu System

Unity provides a complete, simple, touch-ready environment that integrates your applications and your workflow. Unity is designed for mouse, touchpad, and keyboard use. It includes a new panel and application launcher that makes it fast and easy to access preferred applications, such as the browser, while removing screen elements that are rarely used. Unity has a… Read More »

How to fix “umount device is busy”

You need to unmout a drive like external drive, CD/DVD drive, but when you try to unmout it, you get an error with “device is busy” message, for me it happens all the time. So I think what brings you here is because the same “umount device is busy” error and because of that my post this… Read More »