Why Ubuntu uses sudo instead of root login?

Once you are an administrator on the Linux or UNIX platforms you will likely know the top level directory is known as root. The root directory in both Linux and Unix  by default has access to all the commands and files and should be the only account to have write access to main filesystem. Although… Read More »

Things to consider before you install Linux

Linux Installation Considerations When looking to install Linux there are several factors that you should plan and consider before installation. We consider the following when looking to install Linux The purpose of the installation whether its for training, testing or production environment or personal use The type of Linux distribution installation; Ubuntu, Red hat Fedora Linux… Read More »

Do you need Linux Certification?

Is IT Certification in Linux Necessary? If you are in the Technology field you will see a lot of employers now are asking for relevant certification to compliment your experience in the IT field. If you have Linux experience, it is surely recommended to try to become certified in the your field of expertise. When looking… Read More »

Setting up VPN on Linux

If you are trying to set up VPN on linux operating system you have come to the right place. Most people consider linux to be more advanced when compared to windows as it relates to security and stability. Just to note a few of the popular instances are linux, Centos OS, Ubunto, Linux mint etc. Although… Read More »

iPhone SE scheduled for March 21 release

The word Apple itself is the brand name for many users across who don’t know anything except Apple. I mean, you ask them about Smartphones and they will start talking only about Apple. And you know well why the Cupertino-based giant is the beloved of many. The last segment of gift from Apple for the users… Read More »

Install Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow CM13 Custom ROM on Nvidia Shield Tablet

XDA Developer Trafalgar Square has launched the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow CM13 Temasek unofficial Custom ROM for the Nvidia Shield Tablet so that the users can enjoy the Marshmallow features on it. Being this a stable ROM, it will bless your device with the most powerful Marshmallow features and simultaneously will help you get a ever more superior Mobile experience. If you have not already… Read More »