How to configure Linux static IP address on Debian / Ubuntu

This tutorial contains How to configure Linux static IP address on Ubuntu by editing /etc/network/interfaces configuration files. This tutorial contains configuration for IPv4 only !. This tutorial also works on Debian and other distribution that based on Debian distribution. How to configure Linux static IP ? By default Linux acquire their IP address, routing and DNS Information by… Read More »

How to connect to wifi from terminal

Whenever you install new Linux distribution on your computer, it’s very recommended that you connect to a network whether it’s via wired connection or a wifi network. Now let’s we assume you don’t have any wired connection and only wifi connection is available. The only way is connect to a wifi network whether it’s from… Read More »

How to Install Java on Ubuntu

How to install Java on Ubuntu ? Installing Java on your system is one of a first things to do after you install your Ubuntu Linux. Many people have problems when installing Java, in fact it is very easy to do so. In this post I will show you how to install java on your… Read More »

Su-Do-Ku ! : Sudoku Puzzle Games on your Terminal

Who doesn’t know Sudoku ? Sudoku is a puzzle game, it was popularized in 1986 by Japanese puzzle Company Nikoli and Sudoku became an international hit in 2005. Sudoku is a number-placement puzzle, combinatorial, and a logic-based game. Today you can play Sudoku almost in all-platform like PC, Console, Smartphones, even on your cellphones but in… Read More »