How to fix “umount device is busy”

You need to unmout a drive like external drive, CD/DVD drive, but when you try to unmout it, you get an error with “device is busy” message, for me it happens all the time. So I think what brings you here is because the same “umount device is busy” error and because of that my post this… Read More »

Enable SSH (Secure Shell) in Debian/Ubuntu

If you are a network administrator you must be know about the remote login protocol such as telnet, rlogin, and ssh. This quick tutorial is going to show you how to install and enable SSH (Secure Shell) service in Debian/Ubuntu, also this tutorial works with other linux distribution that based on Debian or Ubuntu. SSH (Secure… Read More »

How to find file in linux with ‘find’

Most of new users when dealing with Linux machine is how to find files they are looking for, files on linux can be found in many different ways. You can use ‘find’ or ‘locate’, I will cover the tutorial for locate later, because in this post we are focusing on the find command. find is one of the best tool to find files, find has… Read More »