How to Check CPU Temperature in Ubuntu

Monitoring your hardware temperature may help you to diagnose overheating of laptops, that have been a common issue these days. So in this post we will see how to check CPU temperature in Ubuntu. Software that use to monitor the temperature is Psensor, with this piece of software you can monitor your: MotherBoard. CPU Sensor NVidia… Read More »

How to Check Internet Speed in Terminal

When you feels your internet become slower than before, you may need to check you internet speed. For that matter, is well-known speed test websites for broadbrand users. loads Javascript to your web browser to automatically select which server is closest to you and it will measure you internet speed by sending HTTP… Read More »

Unity LauncherSwitcher – Automatic Launcher Switcher

Unity Launcher Switcher is an automatic switcher for the contents in the Unity Launcher’s when switching viewports. So with Unity LauncherSwitcher you can setup different workspaces (viewports) for different task categories and it makes the Unity Launcher to remember the content of the Unity launcher. Install Unity LauncherSwitcher To install open the terminal and run these… Read More »

How to Install Sublime Text Editor via PPA

Sublime Text is the most popular Text Editor among the developers especially for web developers , it’s available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. The latest version of Sublime Text is Sublime Text 3, but it’s still in beta. There are many features in Sublime Text: Support Multiple Selections, with this feature you can… Read More »