Deluge – Best Torrent Client for Linux

Lifehacker choose Deluge as the best torrent client for Linux. Deluge is a cross-platform software, it can run not only on Linux but also on Windows, and OS X. This torrent client is written in python using libtorrent as its backend and using multiple user-interfaces including GTK+, web, and console. Deluge also support a rich… Read More »

Duply – frontend for the mighty duplicity

Before we start, lets get to know about Duplicity. According to wiki, Duplicity is a software suite that provides encrypted, digitally signed, versioned, remote backup of files requiring little of the remote server. Released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), Duplicity is free software. Duplicity implements a traditional backup scheme, where the initial archive… Read More »

How to Install MySecureShell SFTP Server

MySecureShell is an Open Source, Multi-platform, secure FTP server that based on OpenSSH. Because it based on OpenSSH, it have high level of security, high and powerful functionality FTP Server. MySecureShell aim to offer the power and security openssh server, by giving enhanced features. So we can have a perfect SFTP server in a minutes… Read More »

How to Install VLC for Linux via PPA

VideoLAN or simply we could say that VLC is a free and open source multimedia player that can play most multimedia formats (audio and video), also it has support to various streaming protocols. This time we will show you How to Install VLC for Linux via PPA, with this tutorial you can simply install the… Read More »