Linux Kernel 4.0 Released , This is What’s New

By | April 16, 2015

A new stable released of Linux kernel has been announced by Linus Torvalds on the Linux Kernel mailing list. Linux 4.0 codenamed ‘Hurr duur I’m a sheep’, brings a new small set for new hardware support, performance and driver improvements, and some bug fixes.

Remarking on the updates, Torvalds wirtes :

“Feature-wise, 4.0 doesn’t have all that much special. Much have been made of the new kernel patching infrastructure, but realistically […] we’ve had much bigger changes in other versions.  So this is very much a “solid code progress” release.”

What is new on Linux Kernel 4.0 ‘Hurr durr I’m a sheep’ ?

Main feature for this Linux Kernal 4.0 is you can install kernel updates without rebooting.  Everytime after you installing a kernel update, you need to reboot your Linux boot to finish it.

The ability to install security patches to Linux Kernel without reboot the system, has been a long-held want for many Linux users for years. This feature is a minor for the desktop. but for servers its a major one.

Now the support for reboot-free patching arrives in this version 4.0, ready to take the advantage by the sysadmins.

Desktop users also be able to take the advantage from this feature too. This version also have some hardware improvements, new hardware supports, and performance tweaks.

This Feature will continue to be improved, so let’s hope this feature will bring more advantage.

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