How to Install WhatsApp Desktop Client on Linux

By | July 6, 2015

The Most Popular messaging app WhatsApp doesn’t provide a desktop client, until WhatsApp Launched a web version few months ago and with this web client, you can access it via your Google Chrome and your Phones.

This WhatsApp web client provide opportunity for developers to Develop an unofficial WhatsApp Desktop client for Linux, Windows, and OS X, Thanks t Alexandru Rosianu for making this possible. So lets get started.

How to Install WhatsApp Desktop Client on Linux

How to Install WhatsApp Desktop Client on Linux

How to Install and Use WhatsApp desktop client on Linux

There are .deb binaries for Debian based linux distributions, you can use the link below to download it:

Download WhatsApp Desktop Client .deb binaries

Once downloaded you can install it easily with dpkg -i <package name> command.

For other Linux distributions, you can install it via the source code by downloading it from the GitHub repository here:

Download WhatsApp Desktop Client Source Code

After installation you can run the application via your Unity Dash (for Ubuntu Unity). When you open the application, you’ll need to login via QR Code just like what you do when using WhatsApp on the web.

Once you scan the QR Code, you will automatically connected and ready to use your WhatsApp Desktop Client.

How to Install WhatsApp Desktop Client on Linux

WhatsApp Desktop Client

So have you tried this little trick to run your WhatsApp on linux desktop ?, what do you think ?.

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