Full Release Schedule for Ubuntu 15.10 ‘Wily Werewolf’

By | May 31, 2015

On my previous post it’s discuss about the codename for Ubuntu 15.10, but for this post we’ll discuss about the release date.

October 22, 2015 will be the release date for Ubuntu 15.10 ‘Wily Werewolf’, October is a perfect launch for a such scary things and you have been thinking the same thing about Hallowe’en

Ubuntu 15.10 Release Date

Ubuntu 15.10 Release date have been posted to the Ubuntu wiki, along with those various development milestones, so here is the full release schedule for Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf.

  • Alpha 1 – June 25th
  • Alpha 2 – July 30th
  • Feature Freeze — August 20th
  • Beta 1 – August 27th
  • UI Freeze — September 10th
  • Beta 2 – September 24th
  • Kernel Freeze — October 15th
  • Release Candidate – October 15th
  • FINAL RELEASE – October 22nd

Don’t forget to mark the date on your personal calendar !.

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