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Vivaldi – ‘New Web Browser for our Friends’

Vivaldi is a new browser that has been launched as a tech preview (beta whout responsibility) for 64 bit Linux Machines, Windows and Mac OS. Vivaldi browser aim for a fast, rich in functionality, high flexible and put the user first. Vivaldi is build on the tried and tested open source frameworks of Chromium, Blink and Google’s open-source… Read More »

PAC Manager : ‘The best Linux SSH / Telnet GUI’

PAC Manager is a Perl/GTK Gnome replacement for SecureCRT/Putty/etc. PAC Manager provides a GUI to configure SSH/Telnet connections (users, passwords, EXPECT regular expressions, macros, etc). PAC Manager also an open source projects, it can dispays the connections in tabs or separate windows and give easy access to your configure connection on the notification icon. Features of PAC Manager  … Read More »

Install webmin on Ubuntu Linux

Webmin is a web-based interface system to manage system administration for Unix. You can use webmin with any modern web browser. With webmin you can setup user accounts, DNS, apache, file sharing, and much more. Webmin has more that 1400+ modules that you can try to install, by installing modules you can add and remove… Read More »

Pragha a Lightweight Music Player

Pragha is a lightweight music player for GNU/Linux built on GTK+, SQLLite, and written in C. The aim for Pragha is to provide a fast and light music player. Pragha features Pragha has a lot of features, here are the features: Main Features for Pragha : Full integration with GTK+3, but always completely independent of… Read More »

Bino – 3D Video Player

Bino is a 3D video player that play a video with stereoscopic. Stereoscopic means a separate views for the left and right eye and thus allow depth perception through stereopsis, Bino also support for multi-display video. Bino supports all commonly used layouts, so you can different layouts for the stored stereoscopic video. Sometimes two different videos… Read More »