Free versus Customized Websites

The purpose of this article is to identify the pros and cons of a small business developing free versus a custom website. Based on a survey done in 2013 has highlighted that over 50% of all small businesses don’t take the time to invest in a business website primarily because they don’t want to… Read More »

Why Ubuntu uses sudo instead of root login?

Once you are an administrator on the Linux or UNIX platforms you will likely know the top level directory is known as root. The root directory in both Linux and Unix  by default has access to all the commands and files and should be the only account to have write access to main filesystem. Although… Read More »

Ways to Create a Boot installation for Fedora Linux – Redhat

There are several ways you can consider when deciding to install a Linux distribution. Though CentOS and Redhat installations are similar in structure and theory we are going to provide a practical approach to installing the free version of Redhat Linux (Fedora Linux operating system . Ways to Create a boot installation for Fedora Linux (Redhat) You can… Read More »

Things to consider before you install Linux

Linux Installation Considerations When looking to install Linux there are several factors that you should plan and consider before installation. We consider the following when looking to install Linux The purpose of the installation whether its for training, testing or production environment or personal use The type of Linux distribution installation; Ubuntu, Red hat Fedora Linux… Read More »